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The brokerage is the bridge between buyer and seller or tenant and lessor, in order to complete a purchase or lease of property respectively. Most deals are made by real estate agents where the services offered are important. Estimation, advertising, property promotion, market research, real estate exploration, inexhaustible negotiations and consulting services are part of the services of each broker.

Given the volume of work in a real estate agency, avoiding mistakes as well as quickly tip of information is the most important asset of the agent.

CustomLab has developed a useful tool for fully managing a broker's portfolio, based on the speed and accuracy of the information. Meet the brokerage program iHome CRM

Real Estate Management

There are plenty of brokerage programs on the market. So which is what will really help you improve your services? While developing iHome, we have emphasized the features that will increase your office productivity, with a free website.

When talking on the phone with a customer and at the same time looking for the right property, when a client visits you and asking for a property, then the seconds of the delay actually count. iHome succeeds to filter your search criteria online at the moment you type.
All your partners, unfortunately, will not be your associates forever. The protection of the portfolio and the customer database is an important factor in the operation of your office. The distinct separation of access for each iHome user allows you to choose the level of access for each partner.
The result of the proper operation of a real estate agency is the high visibility of the office properties. This is achieved through iHome that manages to send full ads to real estate portals resulting in a better ranking of your ads.
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