iGas - προγραμμα για βενζιναδικο


- Gas station software

Simplest Revenue and Cost Management for Fuel Stations. Insert invoices for the fuel you buy, the merchandise you may have for the mini-market or cafe, the expenses, the operating costs, the bill of lading. Do you know where you are economically? In a single click, create a pooled report for all, either for fuel or for costs.

  • Easy entries
  • Separate products (95 oct, 100, diesel, diesel +, gas ..)
  • Auxiliary prints
  • Return on quarterly VAT
  • CLOSE month with one click (fuel profit calculation)

CustomLab has developed a useful tool for managing Revenue-Outlets for Fuel Stations so that the complicated calculation of Profit at the end of the Month becomes an easy task. Meet the iGas

iGas - Gas station software


Using iGas, all you have to do is to just insert your expenses. There are separate categories for Expenditure, Bill of Lading, Card Fees, and Credits for Regular Customers.

iGas - gas station management
iGas -  fuel station crm


An important asset for every professional is knowledge of the company's financial situation and immediate decision-making. iGas gives you detailed reports on the total costs of the month, quarter or for any length of time.

Do you know your real profit at the end of the Month? How long do you need to figure it out? Is it always right?

Automate the earnings report for each month with iGas.