ePrint - Έκδοση αποδείξεων υπηρεσιών για ιατρικά επαγγέλματα


- Retail Receipts software Medical Occupations

The simplest application for issuing service receipts for physicians, dentists, diagnostic and microbiological laboratories, physical rehabilitation workshops.

  • Keep track of your receipts collectively.
  • Print reports with the revenue of the day, month, year.
  • Send a printed bulk report to your accountant
  • Reprint a receipt

CustomLab has developed a useful tool for automating the issuance of service receipts. Removing standard proof blocks and printing proofs on graphic forms with your own colors and logos. Meet the ePrint


ePrint has been built to provide above all ease of use. You will need a few seconds to insert the client-patient details and then print the Proof of Service on a beautiful graphic form with your logo.

ePrint - proof printing for medical use
ePrint - medical software


By automating receipt issuance with ePrint, you acquire an important revenue tracking tool as you can now export reports for whatever time range you are interested in.

  • Rapid Delivery Receipt
  • Search - Reprint - Cancel day receipts
  • Print Receipts per Day / Aggregate for any range of days
  • Simultaneous issue of receipts from multi users
  • Automated backups


  • private clinics
  • private diagnostic centers
  • microbiological laboratories
  • doctors of all specialties
  • private physicians and rehabilitation laboratories
ePrint - private physicians and rehabilitation laboratories