dentCRM - Διαχείριση Οδοντιατρείου


- Dental clinic software

The simplest patient management application for Dentists only. Designed for the needs of every modern dental clinic, built with the ease of use and speed of presentation of information.

  • Enriched patient tab
  • Graphical treatment chart
  • Full history of visits in chronological order
  • Patient's personal X-ray archive
  • Patient's personal Clinical Photos archive

CustomLab has developed a useful tool for managing a dentist's patients so that tracking the patient's history and clinical picture can be an easy task. Meet the dentCRM

Ease of use

Using dentCrm you get the complete clinical picture of your patient DIRECTLY, whether the visit was months ago. Easy and detailed registration of visits and interventions, produce a dental chart with color mapping and a complete history, saving you valuable time.

dentCRM - programma Οδοντιατρείου
dentCRM - dental clinic crm


In a centralized folder on the patient's tab you have just the whole photographic and radiographic material that concerns him. Images for an easier use open up, can be viewed sequentially, transferred to another device, and populate the file with new material.


An easy-to-use calendar for the proper organization of your clinic. Color assignment according to type (appointment, phone call, reminder, e-mail, etc.) External work-related tasks, important reminders, as well as inserting, deleting, editing events, all with a CLICK.

dentCRM - cloud software for dentist
dentCRM - dental chart software


dentCrm is super easy to use and this is one of its main advantages. It only takes a few seconds to insert patient details and to search patient by any criteria (phone, name, street, etc.). It has a separate partner storage system to search information of your colleagues, partners.