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Website development

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Is there a suitable software for my Company?

Every business or organization is different from others. Whether in an object, in a form or in function. Many programs on the market have been built to serve this diversity of users, trying to find the middle solution for everyone. But this is not feasible 100%. Here comes customLab investing time with customers to understand 100% of how each one works.

As a result you have a tool for automating your everyday life, increasing your productivity and time!

I need something more, is that possible ?

Using customLab software, you do not only get a CRM program that's built to measure you. You have the option to ask us to add or change its functions. For whatever reason, your business needs may change. So the ideal thing is to adapt your software to new requirements, not to buy a new one.

Why Choose us?

All customLab customers are provided with a Support service in the following ways to effectively address any requirement and need

  • Support via Phone or Email
  • Remote Support and
  • In-place visit where this is required.

Market software does not fully cover me!

Let's build together the ideal program


Ready Software Solutions

Real Estate Management Softwate


An integrated management system for each real estate agency. Organize your portfolio and clientele using automated features and easy entries. Start dynamically by working through a quick tool.

Searching among the thousands of properties you manage can become a headache. With iHome you will find the property you are looking for, with the criteria you require within seconds.
Ιntersection of demanded properties, sending ads to popular real estate portals, property descriptions and ads are now automatically done. Backups of your data are done at regular intervals, always ensuring your work.
One of the main advantages of iHome-CRM is the ability to expand and customize its functions according to the needs of each professional. Do you need something you do not find ready? iHome can do it.
iHome - real estate management software

Software for Dentists


The simplest patient management application for Dentists only. A program built according to the needs of every modern dental clinic. The main driver is a simple UI and the speed of retriving useful patient information for the doctor.

Management with dentCRM gives you an important asset. You get the complete clinical condition of your patient, DIRECTLY. Detailed logs of visits, interventions, and a useful color mapping mouth simulation, will save you valuable time.
Using a patient's enriched tab, you also have a centralized envelope with all of the photographic and radiographic material that concern him. View photos and X-rays in magnification, view them successively, transfer them to another device, fill in his archive with the new material.
Organize your appointments with patients, as well as outside work for your clinic with a click. Color separation by type, if it's appointment, phone call, email, appointment or reminder.
software for Dentistry - dentCRM

Fuel station software

Managing revenue for gas stations. A tool for properly tracking the cost of fuel you buy, operating costs, bill of lading, card supplies, costs and merchandise on the mini market at your gas station. Recognize credit from your recurring customers.

An important feature of the system is the automatic reporting for closing each month. Concentrated printing for the results of the month in liters, in Euro with the calculated T number

  • Reports per Month / Year / From ~ Up to
  • Gasoline
  • Costs
  • Sales
  • Credited
gas station software
software for medical professions

Receipt printing software

CustomLab has developed a useful tool for automating the issuance of service receipts. Removing standard proof blocks and printing proofs on graphic forms with your own colors and logos. Meet ePrint

  • Track your receipts collectively.
  • Print reports with the revenue of the day, month, year.
  • Send a printed bulk report to your accountant
  • Reprint a receipt